Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Theory Related To The Researches

Bullet Theory

Also known as Hypodermic Needle Theory. This theory gives pothe researchersrful and direct effect to audiences which means the message one of television programme reach the audiences in one and in direct way. What relatew this theory to the research 3R is, 3R spread up the message direct to audience from the programme to audience, no other medium. "The Bullet model@hypodermic model posists pothe researchersrful, direct effects of the mass media" (Hovland, Lumsdane & Sheffield, 1949)

The researcher observe this theory cannot be applied in this century as 3R is an interactive television shows that audience gives respond to every of the message that presented. 3R applies two way communication and audience does not accept all the message injected. They just can reject or accept. Even 3R audience does not respond during the show time, but they can send email and letter of comment about the previous issues after the show, proved the bullet theory is not suitable nowadays as people have their own thinking and 3R aslo allows the audience to be active by respond to the programme and they are no longer been manipulated by the media as this is what 3R try to aware audience and request them to express their thinking.

Uses And Gratification

This theory involved two way communications. It's like give and take situation which both media and audience related strongly. Without an audience there will be no  media and as the researchersrful as audience ; no media no life. This is the purpose ofr 3R programme. 3R fulfill what people need. Uses or needs are more to why people use media while gratification is what media do people. In this theory, audience's needs become priority to the media. `User actively seek out media that meet their needs for new knowledge, social interaction and diversion.` (Palmgreen & Rayburn, 1985)

Uses and gratification is more concered with what people do with the media, allowing variety of responses from audience. 3R allow the researched audience respond towards the programme in order to observe how effective 3R in persuading audience to positive way is. Not only  good respond from audience but 3R accept the negative comment and it shows variety respond from audience and the purpose of 3R been filled  as there is an interactive  betthe researchersen the media and audience. Uses and gratification theorist state that people's needs influence how they use and respond to a medium. Zillman (cited by McQuail 1987, page 236) has shown the influence of mood on media choices. Encourages the choice exciting content and stress encourages a relaxing content. Different needs are associated with individual personalities needs for different individuals. (Evra 1990, page 177,179)

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