Saturday, October 9, 2010


The media has always an important source of information in our daily lives. But many do not know what it takes to make media successfully available to us today. As the audience, the researches only need to sit back on our sofa and enjoy the programmes that are prepared for us. Only a little numbers of us knows what it really takes to produce such enjoyable and eye catching programme.

The production of 3R is one of the programme which is created specially to recognize the important of women's role in society and thier ability to challenge and change the condition in thier lives and community.

This report will go behind the scene of 3R programme by looking into the process of the production which involve the pre-production and post-production. Else than these basics stages in productions, this report will also go further  by discussing the messages of 3R programme, audience responds and the related theories of the [rpgrammes as the researches.

This report is a significant text not only on what it conveys about the 3R programme and what work goes behind producing a TV show, but also what the researches has gone behind producing a TV show, but also what the researches has gone through and experinced along this few months in order to feel the complications and the excitements of TV production.

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