Friday, October 29, 2010


Its really having a great fun doing this kind of report since we are need to go along with a few shooting session together with the artist such as Lisa Surihani (during that time in 2005, she's juz in area of age 19yrs old n still studying in private university somewhere in Damansara area), and etc...There, we can learn and educate ourselves minded to think in how all the production for a TV programme are done..

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Eventhough my time table was so tight but i have to fulfill my main task (finishing my final thesis) with all my groupmate before we are ended our diploma session..So, after a few steps we done start from the ice-breaking session , then now we go for the another higher step that is meeting and having some discussion with the all 3R programme team..The discussions are all about what we need from the 3R programme starting from the beginning of pre-production action until post-production which is the final touch up for this programme....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Ermm..doing a part time job like this is not a 1st time for me but it become a 1st time when i'm doing my part time job out of my hometown..and sometime make me feel  i'm doing the real job same like other full timer staff..In getting a huge salary is a very impossible thing but at least i can gain something valuable such as experience, happiness and of course the even it is just a little amount...

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Study loan? such a hugh amount to say...and it must be enough for student using the loan along study session...But, student like me still having and facing with the financial problem since we are need to pay so many things such as rent house payment, transportation (bus, taxi etc), assigment, sources for assignment, costing going to assignment, bla..bla..bla ....especially for those who are studying a practical course like me in Mass Communication...huhu...

Saturday, October 23, 2010


"Life must go on''..That's a very famous quotation we will heard drom anybody who are facing the hard session in life..It same goes to me when i have to do a part time job while on the way to finish my diploma final semester..Since my hometown is in Johor Bharu, and i'm not come from the gold spoon family, so i need to do something which can give me or earn me some money to survive in finishing my thesis..."How about the study loan?"..Erm..that's a famous question people will ask me and query why i need to do a part time job in having side income?....

Monday, October 18, 2010


Everyday since wake up in morning, i just think how, and what to do in rest of my life in college during my final semester...Since there's no tough classes need to attend, i decide to do a part time job with my best friends, Haslini to fulfill our free time besides can earn some money to survive..Want to know what is the crazy job we do? Stay tune with my blog diary tomorrow....:))

Saturday, October 9, 2010


The media has always an important source of information in our daily lives. But many do not know what it takes to make media successfully available to us today. As the audience, the researches only need to sit back on our sofa and enjoy the programmes that are prepared for us. Only a little numbers of us knows what it really takes to produce such enjoyable and eye catching programme.

The production of 3R is one of the programme which is created specially to recognize the important of women's role in society and thier ability to challenge and change the condition in thier lives and community.

This report will go behind the scene of 3R programme by looking into the process of the production which involve the pre-production and post-production. Else than these basics stages in productions, this report will also go further  by discussing the messages of 3R programme, audience responds and the related theories of the [rpgrammes as the researches.

This report is a significant text not only on what it conveys about the 3R programme and what work goes behind producing a TV show, but also what the researches has gone behind producing a TV show, but also what the researches has gone through and experinced along this few months in order to feel the complications and the excitements of TV production.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Media electronic play the role in giving information to the audience not only by newspaper, internet, magazines or radio but television also. Television brings big impact in giving information, news and entertainment to the audiences. This is because beside the other media electronic given above, television is the only one give the information through the audiences in the many such of programmed. The programmed also focuses on a variety of points that are especially relevent to television production of today and that of tomorrow. Today, most of the worlds facing the big changing of the television system. This is because our country not only has the analog television system but they also have the digital televison system especially for the new television station like TV3.

Sistem Televisyen Malaysia Berhad (STMB) or known as TV3 was incorporated in 1983 as Malaysia's first commercial television station. It began broadcast in the Klang Valley on 1st June 1984. 28th July 1984 , TV3 meteoric rise led to its listing on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in April 1988.

One of the reality television programmes distributed in TV3 is 3R. 3R (Respect, Relax, Respond) is a television program created specially to recognize the importance of women's role in society  and their ability to challenge and change the conditions in their  lives and communities. It brings issues of importance, relevance and concern to young  women betthe researchersen the ages of 16 to 27. The program is currently hosted by Celina Khor, Rafidah Abdullah and Kartini Kamarul Ariffin, three dynamics women who are representative of the target audiences as the researchersll as role models for teenagers. Each episode of 3R deals with issues that effect youth and children from serious to fun to controversial through the use of role-play, open and frank interviews and discussion among the three hosts. 3R was awarded Best Infotainment Program in the Asian Televison Awards 2002, highly commended in the Best Youth program category and awarded the Red Ribbon Media Award by the Malaysian AIDS Foundation for its coverage in HIV / AIDS issues. It also won the Malaysian Video Awards 2003 for Best Magazine Program (Silver). The producer of 3R are a group of women dedicated towards making a difference in the lives of women Malaysia. Jointly produced by Mosaique Communications Sdn Bhd and Red Communications Sdn Bhd, the production teams are active in various NGOs in Malaysia ( )

Red Communication's client base is varied from TV stations to Corporate Clients to Television Stations to Advertising Agencies and even Non Governmental Organizations. This includes Unicef, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel, First Mobile Group, Multiple Technology System, Astro, Malaysian Aids Council, National Society for the Deaf and many more. They work with them from concept to execution providing a full range of multimedia services tailoring our production to suit their budget. For information, 3R programme also show in Philippines. Red Communication stated at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Theory Related To The Researches

Bullet Theory

Also known as Hypodermic Needle Theory. This theory gives pothe researchersrful and direct effect to audiences which means the message one of television programme reach the audiences in one and in direct way. What relatew this theory to the research 3R is, 3R spread up the message direct to audience from the programme to audience, no other medium. "The Bullet model@hypodermic model posists pothe researchersrful, direct effects of the mass media" (Hovland, Lumsdane & Sheffield, 1949)

The researcher observe this theory cannot be applied in this century as 3R is an interactive television shows that audience gives respond to every of the message that presented. 3R applies two way communication and audience does not accept all the message injected. They just can reject or accept. Even 3R audience does not respond during the show time, but they can send email and letter of comment about the previous issues after the show, proved the bullet theory is not suitable nowadays as people have their own thinking and 3R aslo allows the audience to be active by respond to the programme and they are no longer been manipulated by the media as this is what 3R try to aware audience and request them to express their thinking.

Uses And Gratification

This theory involved two way communications. It's like give and take situation which both media and audience related strongly. Without an audience there will be no  media and as the researchersrful as audience ; no media no life. This is the purpose ofr 3R programme. 3R fulfill what people need. Uses or needs are more to why people use media while gratification is what media do people. In this theory, audience's needs become priority to the media. `User actively seek out media that meet their needs for new knowledge, social interaction and diversion.` (Palmgreen & Rayburn, 1985)

Uses and gratification is more concered with what people do with the media, allowing variety of responses from audience. 3R allow the researched audience respond towards the programme in order to observe how effective 3R in persuading audience to positive way is. Not only  good respond from audience but 3R accept the negative comment and it shows variety respond from audience and the purpose of 3R been filled  as there is an interactive  betthe researchersen the media and audience. Uses and gratification theorist state that people's needs influence how they use and respond to a medium. Zillman (cited by McQuail 1987, page 236) has shown the influence of mood on media choices. Encourages the choice exciting content and stress encourages a relaxing content. Different needs are associated with individual personalities needs for different individuals. (Evra 1990, page 177,179)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Television Production Process

Television production process also known as production because of the terms in the process mostly are similar with each other.

The Basic Television System

"A system is a collection of elements that work together to achieve a spesific purpose. Each elements is dependent on the proper workings of all the others, and none of the individual elements can does job alone." (Herbezt Zettl 2003), "Television production Handbook", page 4)

By the same author said, the television system consists of equipment and people who operate that equipment for the production of spesific programs. The basic television systems converts light and sounds into electrical video and audio signals that are transmitted (wireless or by cable) and reconverted by the television receiver into television pictures and sound. The picture signals are called video signals, and the sound signals are called audio signals. Any small consumer camcoder represented such a system.

Base on the research of 3R, the research found that 3R production flow basically follow the basic television system, and most of the basic on how handling camera, sound and video system are follow from the basic theory. For example, in how the way they give the message (program message) to the audience, they involve the subject (program message, host or talent) through television camera, video signal, audio signal (microphone), videotape recorder. From there, it's a transmission which will transmitted by the television receiver, television picture and sound.

Production Elements

As what of the researchers looked with the expanded television system in mind, then the researchers will look briefly at these seven basic production elements :

1 - the camera
2- lighting
3- audio
4- videotape recording
5- the switcher
6- postproduction editing
7- special effect

In the researchers observation and throught, when learning about television production, always try to see each piece of equipment and its operation within the larger context of the television system, that is in relation to all the order pieces of equipment that are used and the people who used them the production personal.

The Camera

The most obvious production elements is the camera-comes in all sizes and configurations. Some cameras can be easily carried and operated by one person, whereas others are so heavy that two people are necessary to lift the camera comfortably onto a camera mount.

"The camera mount enables the operator to move a heavy camera/lens/teleprompter assembly on the studio floor with relative ease. Many ENG/EFP cameras are camcoders that combine the camera and videotape recorder in one unit, much like popular consumer models. The ENG/EFP camcoders, how the researchers, are of higher quality and cost considerably more. It is often the high-quality lens that distinguishes a professional ENG/EFP camera from a high-end consumer model." (Herbert Zettl, "Television Production Handbook", page8)


Like the human eye, the camera cannot see without a certain amount of light because it is not objects what people actually see but the light reflected off them, manipulating the light falling on objects influences the way the researchers perceive them on-screen. Such manipulation is called lighting.

According to Herbert Zettl, lighting has three broad purpose :

1- to provide the television camera with adequate illumination for technically acceptable pictures.
2- to tell us what the objects shown on the screen actually look like, where they are in relation to one another and to their immediate environment, and when the event is taking place in terms of time of day or season.
3- to establish the general mood of the event.


Although the term television does not include audio, the sound portion of a television show is nevertheless one of its most important elements. Television audio not only communities precise information, but also contribute greatly to the mood and atmosphere of a scene.

According to Herbert, the aesthetic function of sound ( to make sure perceive an event of feel in a particular way ) becomes obvious when listen to the background sounds during a police show, example. The squealing tires during a high-speed chase are real enough, but the rhythmically fast, exciting background music that accompanies the scene is definitely artificial. For example, the gateway car and the police car are hardly ever follow the researchers in real life by a third vehicle with musicians playing the background music.

Example in 3R itself, the background music is such a most important thing for them especially for the theme music of 3R at the beginning and ending of the program to make sure the audience alert and known about it. Every background music for every different segment also important for them to make sure the audience receive the messages of every segment with the nice background music and make them interested with the segment or the program of 3R itself.

Videotape Recording

Most television shows are recorded on videotape or computer disk before they are aired. Videotape or a computer hard disk is used for the playback of commercials, even those originally produced on film. Most television programmes, how the researchers, originate from videotape playback. Videotape is an indispensable element for production programming and distribution. The researchers already observed and asked a few question about the using of videotape in producing 3R, the team production said that, they will use the videotape recording (betacam SP) switch to the digital beta when the episode or the programme need to send to the TV station and sometimes they will use the DVD or VCD because it is digital and more easy to use and can play back entire video sequences.

The Switcher

According to Herbert, the switcher works on a principle similar to that of push buttons on a car radio, which allow selecting certain radio stations. The switcher lets select various video sources, such as cameras, videotape, and titles or other special effect and, unlike the car radio, join them through a great variety of transitions while the event is in progress. In effect, the switcher allows doing instantaneous editing. In 3R, they are not use even a very simple in their editing job because switcher is just for the on live production.

Saturday, October 2, 2010



Postproduction editing is heaven because it totally is command of putting together the bits and pieces of prerecorded material into a new, more telling seqeunce. In principal postproduction editing is relatrively simple. In 3R production itself. They use DPS Velocity software programme to make the editing for 3R. It is more user friendly than other editingv software. Mostly the editor will just edit the epidose by episode by their creativity because 3R is a fun and fast magazine TV programme and music is important as a background whether it is suitable with the episode or not.

The editor aslo will need to follow the script while they edit to make sure they follow what exactly suitable and also the audience receive the messages of the programme. The nonlinear editing is done exclusively with a computer. Once the analog video and audio information on the source tapes has been digitized and stored in the high-capacity hard drives, it does not need VTRs in the editing process.

Mostly, the editor will make sure the music background suitable with the series, segments and script. If the sound voices of the host or talent are not clear, they will edit the voices at another place just for dubbing the voice. The final thing in terms send the message to the audience are clear and can make the audience understand what the message of the programme try to send. The editing session also need to make sure there is need to have the continuity among each segment and script. The editing process for 3R programme takes time within four to five days before they send it to the TV station.

The special effects can be as a simple as adding a title over a background scene, done with a character generator, or inserting the researchers-known or can be as elaborate as the gradual transformation of a face into a series of intensely coloured and mosaic-like screen pattern for the sensitive issues.

Friday, October 1, 2010


From the observation and research that the researche had done by joining the 3R crew for last 2 episode and follow the researchers till the editing process, it can e conclude that the 3R program is more than just a Woman Infotainment Program 3R focuses on the woman's role in Malaysia and all in the information about women's life as the researchers as playing a role in educating and building a stronger, stylish, motivated and cultured Malaysians. The message that 3R want to show in their program is not only focusing on woman, but also to all the audience to also learn and get knowledge from what message than they want to show in every episode.

The researcher also has reached the original goals for what they want to observe about the 3R program. The researcher have learn and watch by itself the production process (pre-production, production, and post-production) of the 3R program, the message to the audience that 3R have shown in their episode and describe how actually is the life of broadcasting people and how to bring worthwhile idea into a worthwhile television program. How to manage a great number of people and coordinates and even greater number of activites and production details.

Lastly, the researcher wants to say that the 3R program is one of the good Woman Infotainment Program in Malaysia. Whether 3R have its competitors, the differences and the style of 3R program itself has shown us that are the best Woman Infotainment Program that can defeat all its competitors, most important is what from the objectives and the message that they want to show to the audience.