Friday, October 1, 2010


From the observation and research that the researche had done by joining the 3R crew for last 2 episode and follow the researchers till the editing process, it can e conclude that the 3R program is more than just a Woman Infotainment Program 3R focuses on the woman's role in Malaysia and all in the information about women's life as the researchers as playing a role in educating and building a stronger, stylish, motivated and cultured Malaysians. The message that 3R want to show in their program is not only focusing on woman, but also to all the audience to also learn and get knowledge from what message than they want to show in every episode.

The researcher also has reached the original goals for what they want to observe about the 3R program. The researcher have learn and watch by itself the production process (pre-production, production, and post-production) of the 3R program, the message to the audience that 3R have shown in their episode and describe how actually is the life of broadcasting people and how to bring worthwhile idea into a worthwhile television program. How to manage a great number of people and coordinates and even greater number of activites and production details.

Lastly, the researcher wants to say that the 3R program is one of the good Woman Infotainment Program in Malaysia. Whether 3R have its competitors, the differences and the style of 3R program itself has shown us that are the best Woman Infotainment Program that can defeat all its competitors, most important is what from the objectives and the message that they want to show to the audience.

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