Saturday, October 2, 2010



Postproduction editing is heaven because it totally is command of putting together the bits and pieces of prerecorded material into a new, more telling seqeunce. In principal postproduction editing is relatrively simple. In 3R production itself. They use DPS Velocity software programme to make the editing for 3R. It is more user friendly than other editingv software. Mostly the editor will just edit the epidose by episode by their creativity because 3R is a fun and fast magazine TV programme and music is important as a background whether it is suitable with the episode or not.

The editor aslo will need to follow the script while they edit to make sure they follow what exactly suitable and also the audience receive the messages of the programme. The nonlinear editing is done exclusively with a computer. Once the analog video and audio information on the source tapes has been digitized and stored in the high-capacity hard drives, it does not need VTRs in the editing process.

Mostly, the editor will make sure the music background suitable with the series, segments and script. If the sound voices of the host or talent are not clear, they will edit the voices at another place just for dubbing the voice. The final thing in terms send the message to the audience are clear and can make the audience understand what the message of the programme try to send. The editing session also need to make sure there is need to have the continuity among each segment and script. The editing process for 3R programme takes time within four to five days before they send it to the TV station.

The special effects can be as a simple as adding a title over a background scene, done with a character generator, or inserting the researchers-known or can be as elaborate as the gradual transformation of a face into a series of intensely coloured and mosaic-like screen pattern for the sensitive issues.

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